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RITA McDADE and The FUSION BANDRita McDade and The Fusion Band

(L to R) Scott Alexander, Kevin McDade, Rita McDade, Ed Willis,
Rollie LaMarche and  Murray Schneider 




Rita McDade  Member of Rita McDade and The Fusion Band

Born and raised in Edmonton, Rita’s singing career began in 1975, majoring in vocal studies at Grant McEwan College under Dr Dasha Goody. She appeared in local TV and radio specials such as CBC presentations with Tommy Banks, Edmonton Musical Theatre, Klondike Days extravaganza’s, Spirit of Edmonton in Montreal as well as various recording studio cameos.
Her first band in 1975 Sundog led to classic rock act Body Heat. By the 80’s, Rita fronted The Committee, Hidden Faces and 12:09 to name a few. She also participated in leading various church based worship teams and was involved in the Edmonton Celebration Choir that performed numerous times at the Winspear. She also glittered in the Singing Christmas Tree!  For the last 38 years, Rita’s passion of sharing her craft of singing to hundreds of students has enriched many lives including hers. 
Rita is influenced by many vocal greats like the “Bonnies” (Raitt and Bramlett), Aretha Franklin, Carole King, Linda Ronstadt and currently Janiva Magness. Music flows through her blood. The musical adventure lives on. Rita’s a lifer!
For more info go to Rita McDade and the Fusion Blues Band   

Kevin McDade   Rita McDade and The Fusion Band


Guitar slinging began at age 12 for Kevin. Playing professionally since 15 years of age, his first band “Jonah” toured throughout  Saskatchewan and Alberta for 11 years. Kevin’s passion for blues kick-started in 2006 with his new wife Rita McDade.

A lifelong player, educator and music industry specialist, Kevin is a 46 year music veteran.

He “doesn’t like to play…He Lives to Play”!



Murray Schneider  


Murray, a member of Rita McDade and The Fusion Band has been playing professionally since the early 70’s. He joined Rita McDade forming the band Hip Pocket in 2006. Keyboards of all shapes and sizes are graced by his multi-talented hands!  He blows a pretty mean harp too!





Scott Alexander  


In the distant past, Scott a member of Rita McDade and The Fusion Band was a regular entertainer at some of Edmonton's finest piano lounges. Following a 30 year hiatus from performing live (life has its little distractions!), he joined The Grey Cats Blues Band fronted by Rita McDade in 2011 and hasn’t looked back!



Rollie LaMarche   


Rollie LaMarche , a member of Rita McDade and the Fusion Band, brings his many years of experience and eclectic style of playing bass from pop to jazz and funk to blues. You can hear his love of the instrument holding down the groove and infusing the bottom end making you want to dance.

The Fusion Blues Band - current - Rita McDade, Scott Alexander, Murray Schneider, Kevin McDade

Previous Bands played in:

The Pam Proud Band 85 -2000 - Al Quilley, Pam Proud, Bob Cramers, Donovan Reimer

FREETIME - Ray Anderson, Pam Proud, Bob Cramers, Henry (Hank) Koral

The Post, formerly The Evening Post

The Risers - George McKay, Ray Cormier, George Farley, Bret Leibham, Kim

Savoy Suite - Tom Smielski, Kenny Jones, Dane Devillier, Chester Quaife

Showdown - Mark Ciezki, Doug Whitford, Kenny Jones, Phil LaMarche

The Larry Rice Band - Phil LaMarche, Dale Hammer, Larry Rice, Mark Ciezki

Spring Colt - Phil LaMarche , Dale Hammer, Mark Ciezki

The Dusters – 71-73, country band named after old western movies



Steve Nixon        

was born in Barrie, Ontario and played for over 50 years as a session drummer and percussionist for a number of bands. For over 42 years he recorded and toured throughout Canada and the USA. Steve He regularly played as a part of worship teams in the churches he attended. He was also an excellent instructor and mentor for many young musicians.


THE SHOOZ – Beatles cover band - Ottawa, Ontario (1980 – 83)
M.F.C. – Original R & B band – Ottawa, Ontario (1986 – 1990) Recording Artists
FEEDING LIKE BUTTERFLIES – Original Alternative Rock (1991 – 1992) Canada & U.S.A. tour (Opening Act for Buddy Guy, Northern Pikes, Barney Bentall) , Recording Artists
SOFT – Original Alternative Rock (1996 – 1999)
MOVING BEARS – Original Alternative Rock (1996 -1999)
SMOKEY’S PLAYGROUND - Classic Rock Cover Band (1996 – 1999)
RUBBER SOUL – The Canadian Beatles Tribute Touring Band (2000 – 2003)
SLOWBURN – Original & Classic Blues (2009 – 2011)
Kyler Schogen Band – Original Blues (2009 – 2013)
Rita McDade & The Fusion Band (2016 - 2017)

Steve passed in February 2018

Memories from Rita McDade " Steve's wishes were to celebrate his memorial in Jeans and Music/Band Tshirts. We know how much he loved the Beatles!"