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Live Music for Charity


Live music entertainment by popular bands and talented musicians with proceeds donated to charities in the community.



OCTOBER 1, 2017

The Newcastle Pub & Grill at 8170 50 Street NW

Tickets $25 available at The Newcastle and from The Edmonton Women of Song.

Host Tim Koslo • Door Prizes • Silent Auction • Turkey Dinner

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Meet the Edmonton Women of Song


Sophie Hunter is a local, national and international musician who began singing at age 5. Born in Ontario her vocal training from 6 – 18 years old has her musical tastes cover blues, gospel, rock, jazz and country. Sophie toured cross-border with country band “Boogie Creek” for three years before moving to Alberta in 1994. In Alberta Sophie was quickly scooped up to be the lead singer with “Deja Blue” who became “Sophie and the Shufflehounds”.   READ MORE....



Angela Mackenzie is a published singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, promoter and studio musician.  She is the Alberta Recording Industry Association (A.R.I.A) award recipient for Gord Steinke’s “Hidden Agenda” CD in 1998.

She was the drummer, singer and songwriter with Homestead Recording artists The Hootin’ Annies for 8 years. The band released a CD entitled “High Falootin” June 2003. They featured at the Juno Awards Spotlight in Edmonton, April 2004 and also performed at many major festivals in and around Edmonton and B.C.    READ MORE....



Her critically acclaimed original project "Dale Ladouceur and the Broke Ensemble" have two releases. Ladouceur also recorded a solo recording RuffTracks in 2010. Lately she has written scores for a number of Canadian theatre companies: (Workshop West's Language of Angels, Theatre Yes's Enchantment), and she scored and performed for Azimuth Theatre's acclaimed Freeman on tlte Land. Ladouceur also wrote the score for a documentary on the American Kidney Foundation of New York. As well, Dale works as a music producer with Levin E. Levin Productions.    READ MORE....



Lynne began performing professionally with live blues bands only 6 years ago. She was a member of local Edmonton bands Bluesface, Insomnia, Forty Below, and The Collective R&B, as well as a member of the Calgary band, Gunn. She enjoyed rapid local success, performing at both the Beaumont Blues Festival and at the Calgary International Blues Festival and by personal invitation in Calgary at the Kelly Jay (Crowbar) benefit and the Amos Garrett 2013 flood relief benefit.    READ MORE....



Ms. Thomas is enjoying a musical career that started in Edmonton 40 years ago with her debut in Gilbert and Sullivans' "The Mikado". Classically trained in voice, piano dance and acting, Mary has performed in the Kiwanis Music Festivals, various musical theatre productions, CKUA and CJSR radio programs, tributes at city hall, as well as freelancing for private functions such as wedding and conferences.    READ MORE....



Paula Perro’s smooth yet unrestrained vocals are threaded with dulcet tones – a smoky sultriness rarely heard these days. She’s a sassy belter with a refreshingly genuine and captivating musical sensibility, and delivers a show with abundant heart and soul every time she hits the stage. Her energy is infectious.

Growing up in St. John’s, Paula built her musical foundation on Celtic, Country and Newfoundland Folk, but she was also heavily influenced by her older siblings who loved all the infamous classic rock bands from the 60’s and 70’s. Her mother was a singer with a voice like Patsy Cline, which Paula found very soothing. One of her fondest memories is having her mom sing her to sleep, a tradition she continues with her own kids today.     READ MORE....



Gentle Heart, Screaming Soul… Music flows through her blood. Rita’s a Lifer!

Rita McDade is an electric powerhouse singer. Her infectious stage energy combined with rich sultry vocals is steeped in raw emotion. Blues, Jazz, Rock & R&B have influenced Rita’s style. Offering up fresh original compositions and classic covers with an original fusion “twist”, she is complimented by her five piece band.    READ MORE....


And Meet The Host


Tim Koslo has been delighting audiences internationally for over 20 years with his multi-faceted style of comedy. From the moment he hits the stage with his manic, animated, sideways look at life, the crowd, be it corporate, club or fundraiser is filled with a sense of something wonderfully strange this way comes.

Koslo's show doesn't just rely on visual stimuli for audience response. Mastered dialects, witty prop interplay, dead-on impressions and impressive electric guitar absurdities together with hilarious off the wall humour make up Tim's show.

Edmonton women of songWomen of Song

Edmonton musicians band together for annual breast cancer fundraiser

By Andrea Wong

Breast cancer awareness month is quickly approaching, which means that a certain group of female artists will be returning to the stage October 1st, 2017 at The Newcastle Pub. Mics in hand, instruments at the ready, and strong looks of determination on their faces, these united Women of Song stand for a cause resonating close to their hearts.

Sixteen years ago, Edmonton musician Sophie Hunter was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. What followed was a series of treatments so intense, Hunter wasn’t sure which would kill her first. But the spirited blues singer refused to lay down without a fight. After a long and hard battle, Hunter prevailed as a breast cancer survivor. Ignited with a sharper focus on life, she sought to do something about breast cancer that could couple her passion for music.

“What I wanted to do is make it easier for other people that have to go through what I went through,” Hunter says. “What better way to give back than with something you do naturally?”

With that in mind, Hunter formed the idea for a benefit concert to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research. She was quickly joined by six of her friends, all local musicians ranging from blues to old-school rock to everything in between. At the heart of this seasoned music collective is a deep-seated desire to contribute to a worthy cause.

“The moment the event ended, we said we’ll be back next year,” says 40-year blues veteran Rita McDade. “Our hearts are enfolded in this whole thing, because it’s important to us. We’re there for Sophie and for all of those that are affected by this disease.”

Now as Women of Song comes upon its fourth year, the women could not be more pleased with the growing support the fundraiser has received. Last year they raised more than six thousand dollars, and this time they are hoping to give their largest donation yet.

“Every dotted penny goes back to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation”, says McDade.

The event has no budget, so it is entirely run by the women and anyone willing to help. The event’s success is powered by people believing in the cause.

“I don’t think any of us don’t know somebody who hasn’t been affected by cancer,” says soulful singer Lynne Chwyl, who is dedicating an emotion-filled song to the loved ones left behind. “It’s just a coming together of like-minded people to do whatever they can to support this.”

For Paula Perro, her personal connection to those with cancer made it a “no-brainer” to take part in the event each year. Her sultry blend of R&B, Soul and Funk are guaranteed to deliver “food for the soul”.

Another familiar face is Dale Ladouceur, an international musician whose contemporary style is as unique as the Chapman Stick she plays. With an eye for the human condition, Ladouceur’s original songs on strength, survival, and love bring a fresh perspective to the event.

Award-winning musician Angela Mackenzie will also be lending songs from her recent album, focusing particularly on encouraging openness and support. Mary Thomas will similarly tie her music back to the meaning of the event. The classic-rock power house uses her voice to raise breast cancer awareness not just for women, but men as well.

As preparations are underway and everyone pulls together, you can sense the anticipation, especially from Hunter, who is “over the moon” with excitement.

Her delight is especially credited to the limited edition CD’s donated by DanLyn Studios. The CD contains songs performed by each artist and is available at the event for a minimum donation of 20 dollars.

Though Hunter is currently undergoing chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, her hopeful dedication is stronger than ever as she foresees the event carrying on for many years.

“I want to do this,” Hunter says. “I want to make life easier for men and women affected by breast cancer. I don’t want anybody to go through what I went through 15 years ago. That is the reason I’m doing it today.”

Tickets are available at The Newcastle Pub & Grill and through the Women of Song.

WOMEN OF SONG (left to right): Rita McDade, Lynne Chwyl, Angela Mackenzie, Mary Thomas, Sophie Hunter, Paula Perro, Dale Ladouceur

Photo credit: Aris Valpeteris

For more information on the musicians and their bands, visit their websites:

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Rita McDade -

Lynne Chwyl - 

Paula Perro -

Dale Ladouceur -

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