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Live Music for Charity

 Bruce Bowie MC Play It Forward 2016

Bruce Bowie found growing up in the small town of Piapot, Saskatchewan, provided two opportunities for enjoyment: snaring gophers, or listening to the radio. Since the other kid in town had the string, Bruce chose the latter. This began a life long career in the person-to-person and mass communication that radio is.

Bruce’s career spans 44 years, most of which has been in Edmonton.  Morning radio has been his home since 1980. CISN FM enjoyed Bruce hosting the morning show for twenty one years. He took the opportunity when it arose to move to sister station 630 CHED, so Bruce shifted gears to talk radio and has been there for the past five years. 

Bruce and Mary live in Edmonton. They have two grown children and now, proudly, two grandchildren. Bruce’s past times include his passion working for the homeless, running and going on road trips on his motorcycle. His work with the homeless was encouraged thanks to an opportunity to sit on the Salvation Army advisory board for over twelve years.


Three times, Bruce has spent three days living on the street to bring attention to the plight of the homeless and to raise funds for Hope Mission. Of the many things he has experienced over his radio career, he considers this the most rewarding.


We greatly enjoyed having Bruce host 'Play It Forward' last year and look forward to his return to our stage as he MC's the 2017 'Play It Forward' at Festival Place on September 30th.